Am Recommending  five stockes to invest for the 2013-2014                   Financial Year

1 Maheendra and Maheendra : 

M&M is an Indian Company which manufacturing Jeep(SUV)type vehicles,Industrial Instruments etc.Now the company  is focusing 50% growth in Indian Market .Current stock price of M&M is 832-840 Range.
Investors can Buy this level for a target of  1200 with in one year

2 HDFC Bank Ltd :

HDFC Bank is the second largest Pvt Bank in India.They have good branch network and expansion program in recent time. Stock value of the company is 638 -650 Range. Investors can buy it in current level and can expect  830 -850 with in one year

3 Fortis Health Care :

Fortis Health care is an international branded health care company which aims 5500 crore business in this year. due to negative impression its share price  down up to 90 Rs range.Am advising traders to invest this stock for a target of 125 to 140 in one year 

4 Hindalco Industries:

Hindalco industries is a largest manufacturer of copper and aluminium in India and its a Aditya Birla Group Co.They are planned to raise their manufacturing capasity and sales in India by 25% to 35 % this year. Now The stock is trading in 90 Rs Range and investers can  buy this stock at current rate for a target of 130 to 150 in 1 year

5 L&T Finance Holdings :

L&T finance supposed to get banking licence soon .They are planned to  get 40 % growth in current financial year.Current Market price of the stock is 71 Rs range  and it can move upto 110 Rs to 130 Rs with in a year

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